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GBV Is Not A New Pandemic – But We Need A Cure.

Whether we accept change or change unsettles us, we all need to find ways to adapt to a new way of life in 2020. While the arrival of the current global pandemic might have come with some enforced changes that we have had to make in our lives, we must not forget the...

How To Browse The Internet Safely

The internet has provided women the opportunity and space to have their say, react and voice opinions on patriarchy, opinions, and many other topics that they have never been able to speak out about before. Sadly, women can also experience online harassment, threats,...

The Rise Of GBV In Times Of Crisis

For women, girls and the LGBTQ community that are already living in violent or abusive situations, violence tends to get worse in times of crisis. With lockdowns happening now, even beginning to think about leaving a violent place of living may seem and be impossible....

GBV Online Campaigns | 2019 #16DaysOfActivism

Tips for building a successful digital advocacy campaign for gender-based violence. Introduction to Digital Advocacy WHAT - Digital advocacy is the use of digital technology to contact, inform, and mobilize a group of concerned people around an issue or cause. WHY -...

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