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Online Training and Education for Nonprofits and Libraries

We have partnered with TechSoup USA and TechSoup Kenya to provide Nonprofit Organisations and Libraries in Southern Africa access to the eLearning range of TechSoup Courses.

TechSoup’s Course content is designed specifically for staff at nonprofit organisations and libraries. We work with subject matter experts who also have deep experience with nonprofits. Our courses are developed in-house by TechSoup’s own instructional design team in partnership with experts who understand how nonprofits and libraries use these skills. We use modern adult learning methodologies that include nonprofit-specific examples and exercises. Some courses are offered free of charge and other range between R300-00 and R1000-00 (prices are listed in dollars on the global eLearning platform).

Course fees are non-refundable and you gain TechPoints by accessing and interacting with course content such as watching a video, completing an evaluation and clicking on links. Each course requires you to earn  TechPoints to access your course certification.

Some of our Most Popular Courses

**Note: Most of our courses are only available in English right now.

Introducing the Microsoft Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits

We have also partnered with Microsoft through the TechSoup Programme to bring a set of powerful courses that combine great skill-building content from experts at Microsoft with TechSoup’s deep understanding of how nonprofits use technology.

These courses are designed to help nonprofit staff move to the cloud and most of the courses are available for FREE.

Course Levels Available

TechSoup offers 3 course levels:

  • 100 Level | Basic introductions for learners that have little to no knowledge of the topic.
  • 200 Level | More advanced content to help learners apply knowledge.
  • 300 Level | Most advanced content that can include blended-learning courses that pair on-demand content with weekly online, real-time events. Availability coming in late 2020.

Visit the full Microsoft Digital Skills Center Catalog HERE.