Zoom Etiquette For Nonprofits – Why Is It Important And Where Do We Start?

Zoom Etiquette For Nonprofits - Why Is It Important And Where Do We Start?

For the past year, parents and guardians have had to rapidly change meetings from boardrooms and offices to their homes, with kids and pets running around while trying to concentrate on what is happening on a screen! It has become a new way of life having to juggle the distractions around us and at the same time conduct ourselves appropriately during a Zoom call.

Below are some important Zoom Etiquette Tips to help you and your team members while working from home:

  • Be mindful of your surroundings: Before you start with a Zoom meeting make sure that your seat is in a good spot and will not make your co-workers uncomfortable or distracted with so much going on around you. You can always use the background feature available on Zoom to hide your background.
  • Find better lighting: If, during your Zoom meeting, there is going to be a segment where you will have to have your camera on, make sure that your face is visible, and the lighting should be directed on your face to achieve clear visibility.
  • Dress code: Remote working has allowed us the privilege of working in our sweatpants (or pj’s and slippers) all day long. With that said do not jump into a Zoom meeting in your pyjamas. Always look presentable. The image you portray speaks volume to the person that you are meeting before the meeting even begins.
  • Do not bring breakfast or lunch to your Zoom meeting: Sitting and eating in front of other people while there are trying to tackle important matters might offend. Hold off eating until the meeting is over, or if you are unable to do so, make sure that your camera and microphone are turned off. (But don’t be caught with a mouthful!)
  • Stay focused: We are all “zoomed out” and often do not feel like “another meeting”, but it is important to stay focused and avoid wasting time by keeping people in a meeting longer than is necessary. Conversations that are not part of the agenda must be kept to a minimum. Remember, by sticking to the agenda, you will not only be saving time, but money spent on data as well.
  • Mute microphones: It is important for individuals that are not speaking to turn their microphones off. By turning mics off you will be minimizing noise that the mic will pick up and distract/disturb the speaker.
  • Turn video off: To minimize network interference in the meetings, turn off video or allow video to be opened by the speaker only.
  • Keep your participants engaged: Use the polls and Q&A chat options to keep your attendees engaged and involved. It is important that your team contribute to decisions as well as being invited to give input.

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