How Technology is Helping More Organisations Work From Home

How Technology Is helping Nonprofits Work From Home (1)

Working from home has become a reality for many of us. With vast technology tools and resources available, keeping in touch with our teams, volunteers, CEO’s and beneficiaries while working remotely is easier than ever before.

Whether it’s the Internet or phone we are using, the advances in technology makes it easier to efficiently conduct business any time of the day and from most locations. We are relying less and less on couriers and messengers to deliver files and documents, and we have the ability to connect directly to our organisations’ main network over the Internet from our homes. Webinars and conference videos, as well as cell phone group call options, have made landlines virtually non-existent in some places which allows communication to take place anywhere, at any time.

Cell Phone

The cell phone has transformed our lives and taken over almost completely from the traditional landline, and now, it’s all about getting the best smartphone available so that we can efficiently run our office from our phone! Not only can you make calls, but you can also check emails and do research on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is a growing underlying message of “we need to be available 24/7” thanks to the cell phone and we highly recommend that your organisation sets clear boundaries and policies to only be expected to work within typical office hours to avoid work fatigue.

The Internet

The World Wide Web was first introduced in 1990 and has grown considerably since then. The Internet existed prior to that, but only provided screens full of text. The World Wide Web changed the Internet’s appearance and made it possible for pictures and sound to be displayed.

The World Wide Web has easily become the most powerful communication tool we have ever known! The Web changes the way we exist, communicate, educate, purchase, sell, collaborate, share, voice our opinion and work.

Internet connections have made communications on many levels, from personal to work, easier. Sharing documents is quick and easy and we can even talk to each other over cloud-based applications like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc.

The Internet also gives us access to the company network thanks to cloud computing. Documents, files, notes and more can be shared through the network by using software options such as GSuite or M365. The cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing services saves a ton of time, energy and resources!


With events and conferences or even in-person staff meetings all cancelled, we have been forced to pivot many of our gatherings to webinars. This has presented a new tactical opportunity to be more productive in saving money on travelling, wasting time in traffic etc, which in turn has made our day much more productive.

As you can see, with the immense availability of technology today, working at home is easier than ever, even for staff who are not tech savvy! It has created an incredible opportunity to transform our operations to Digital and upskill staff and beneficiaries by giving them opportunities to learn aspects of the digital world that they would otherwise not have had exposure to.

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