5 Reasons Your Organisation’s Finances Should Be Digitally Transformed

If in your organisation you are looking to improve your productivity for a more faster, effective and reliable solution when it comes to managing your finances, then a cloud-based accounting software is the best solution for you!

What is cloud?

Geography tells us that a cloud is evaporated water particles that condense together and to form a cloud; basically it is stored water that is released as rain. From an IT perspective you can look at cloud with that analogy; cloud is a platform that sorts data as well as software and makes it available online anytime, anywhere regardless of the device you are using.

Why move from the old way of doing accounting to cloud based accounting?

Data recorded manually is usually very hard to keep track of and making sure that it is always up to date can be difficult as well. Storing data on cloud means that your data will forever be secured compared to having all your finances laid out on a spreadsheet on your hard drive or memory sticks, all of those which can be easily damaged or stolen. Using a cloud based accounting tool will help your organisation work effectively because time spent on trying to balance figures on a piece of paper will now be used on brainstorming how the organisation can be moved forward. Finally many of the cloud based accounting software enables access not only to one accounting manager who might be sitting with a ton of papers in your office right now and worried about how and when will they finish up the end year financial report. Online accounting tools are easy and anyone can use them ;).

Top 5 reasons why you should using online accounting software:

Cost effective: Cloud-based accounting software eliminates extra time and money spent on paying a bookkeeper to travel to meet up with you and/or your auditor/accountant to keep up to date with your finances; everything is done online!

Easy integration: Most cloud-based accounting programmes are easily integrated with your current, compliant versions of software like: Operating systems (Office on-prem or O365), Google Drive, DropBox etc.

Efficient: Cloud offers quick, systematic and maximum productivity.

Data is always secure: Ensure that your passwords and usernames are secured and that you have trustworthy people working on your online accounting platform and the cloud will ensure that you have no problems worrying about your data getting lost.

Accurate: Keeping track of all your financial reports and taxes is very easy with cloud-based accounting solutions as you are guaranteed to get the most accurate data you are looking for and that ultimately gives you the upper hand at keep track of the growth of your organisation and the areas that you can improve.

Move over to cloud based accounting solutions today!

In today’s fast paced tech world as individuals we seek fast access to everything that we want, anywhere and anytime. This is why you should move over to a cloud-based accounting solution like SAGE Business Cloud (free and discounted versions are available to all eligible NPOs) so that you can access your financials and manage your organisation anywhere, anytime on any device. Remember to stay connected to be connected ;). Now go on and balance those balance sheets with ease.

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