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How To Find A Support Or Advocacy Group Online Through Safe Searching – #16DaysOfActivism 2021

The internet has provided women the opportunity and space to have their say, react and voice opinions on patriarchy, opinions, and many other topics that they have never been able to speak out about before. Sadly, women can also experience online harassment, threats, racist and/or gender slandering which leaves them feeling violated and not able to have freedom of expression.

Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC Launches Free Microsoft 365 Packages To Nonprofit Organisations

Microsoft has partnered with Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC to offer eligible nonprofit organisations in Southern Africa, free access to their Microsoft 365 (M365) Business Premium cloud software. Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC, a nonprofit company with the main purpose of becoming the go to solution for technology capacity building in civil society organisations across Southern Africa, has been instrumental in making this become a reality.

Fill In the Gaps with Freelance Experts from Fiverr

Just like any other business, NGOs rely on the expertise of skilled individuals to fulfil essential needs. Even at a small nonprofit, specialists are needed for IT tasks, grant applications, and practical daily needs. These organisations also tend to rely on donations, which often equates to a fluctuating and unpredictable income, sometimes making it difficult to hire new full-time staff members. Generous volunteers make a huge difference, but paid staff are essential in completing many of these tasks.

Beyond COVID: Preparing Your Nonprofit For Digital Resiliency

In the wild ride that was 2020, most of us nonprofit staff moved out of the office and into our living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms in a master class in “making it work!” And as we figured out not only how to manage our organizations remotely, but also how to deliver our programs and fundraise from the couch, we acquired technology to help us. And boy, did we acquire technology — hardware, software, implementation services — whatever it took to work remotely, collaborate with our colleagues, and engage with our constituents.

Spam: How To Spot And Prevent It From Causing Damage To Your Nonprofit

Phishing emails are a type of spam that “fishes” for sensitive information from individuals or entire organisations. These messages often mine for financial information and other critical data such as medical records and trade secrets. Criminals use a variety of phishing techniques, but the goal is always the same — to get a person to give up private information for malicious purposes.

How To Use Data To Tell Your Nonprofit Story

One common thread throughout successful storytelling by nonprofits, NGOs, community service organizations, libraries, and schools is the incorporation of data. All of your stories do not need to include great and amazing numbers and metrics at every turn, but where you can plug in your impact, you can stand out. This is data-driven storytelling.

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