Gender-based Violence And Domestic Violence: What Is The Difference?

Sexual orientation-based violence or gender-based violence is a general term used to describe any sort of brutality that is established in misusing inconsistent force connections between genders. This can incorporate gender standards and role expectations due to situational powers as well as gender inequality. Gender-based violence can affect anybody, from an intimate relationship and family brutality, the abuse of elderly people, stalking and human trafficking.

There are various types of gender-based violence and we are using this post to explain the differences, to help you understand, be aware and protect yourself as well as your loved ones from any form of violence.

Elderly Abuse: This is a form of abuse that causes harm or distress to older people (60+ years old). Elderly abuse occurs due to several things. Even if a care-giver has been assigned to an elderly person, abuse can occur. This form of abuse can include neglection, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse as well as mental/psychological and financial abuse. It is important that we always check up on our elders more especially if we do not live with them in our homes so that we can know if or when they are being mistreated.

Sexual Violence is an act or an attempt to perform sexual acts by coercion or violence. Sexual violence includes, sex trafficking, distribution of a person’s sexual content (videos or images) online without their consent, rape, sexual harassment and any other non-consensual sexual activities.

Human Trafficking is the act of forcefully making someone conform into commercial sex or prostitution. Normally people will be manipulated and threatened by the abuser into human trafficking. Fear is what ultimately makes victims of human trafficking act on whatever the abuser has asked of them to do.

Stalking is a form of abuse where the abuser will harass an individual to a point where they feel uncomfortable and fear the perpetrator. The perpetrator usually goes out of their way in monitoring the victim’s movements, from monitoring their online activities, giving unrequested or unacceptable gifts and making never-ending calls and text messages.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a form of abuse inflicted to someone in a domestic setting as a marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence can be break-down into two forms of abuse/violence.

Intimate Partner Violence. As the name suggest this is a form of violence that occurs in an intimate relationship between two people who are romantically involved. One partner usually has coercion and abusive behaviors over the other. Intimate partner violence can occur between people of any gender identity or sexual orientation, and can include manipulation, threats, or the actual use of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, psychological, or financial abuse.

Family Violence. Unlike intimate partner violence, family violence occurs between members of one household that are not in a romantic relationship. Family violence also includes all the forms of violence mentioned or that occur in intimate partner violence.

What can be done?

In the past year South Africa has seen a major raise in cases of domestic violence, GBV and femicide. The question is, how do we end this epidemic?

A short term solution is to ensure that all cases of violence are reported to the police. Secondly, citizens need to keep applying pressure to the South African Government to increase laws and sentencing procedures that could help eradicate violence, GBV and domestic violence. Also, citizens, SME’s and Corporates need to actively increase their support (financial and in-person) to their local NGOs that work in the GBV landscape so that more women can be given trauma support and rehabilitation.

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