Tiaan Geel

Non-Executive Director |

Tiaan provides business advisory services to small and medium enterprises. With his hands-on business experience, he is able to provide services and advice that will improve a business’ performance in all areas.

Tiaan has been assisting businesses perform turnaround strategies and improve their operations since 2009. A registered business accountant, he completed his M.B.A through the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University at the age of 29 and has assisted businesses in more than 25 different industries to improve their operations and ultimately their net profit. Tiaan is a licensed Junior Business Rescue Practitioner (BRP) with the CIPC and has taken 32 appointments in the capacity of a BRP and has assisted the BRP on 5 other business rescue cases.

Tiaan is a member of the South African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA) as well as the Turnaround Management Association of Southern Africa (TMA-SA).

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