Google for Nonprofits

The Google for Nonprofits Grant affords eligible NPOs access to a $10,000 per month Adwords spend, allowing them to market their Organization Website on a Global Level.

How to apply for the Google for NonProfits Grant – South Africa

Step 1: 

Register as a member on TechSoup South Africa

TechSoup South Africa Home Page

Step 2: 

Create or log in to (in a separate browser tab) a GMAIL address for your Organization

NB – You MUST apply for the Grant with a Gmail address in your organisation’s name! This is a CRUCIAL step and needs to followed in order to access the Grant Programme. An example of an incorrect gmail address is: yourpersonalname @ gmail. Please only use yourogranisationname @ gmail

Step 3: 

Access your Validation Token from the TechSoup South Africa Website

Step 4: 

Go to the Google for Nonprofits website here

Step 5: 

Click on the Blue > Join the Programme

Google for Nonprofits

Step 6: 

Click on the Blue Button > Apply to Google for Non-profits


Google for Nonprofits

Step 7: 

Complete the Membership Application

Step 8: 

Once you have completed your Membership Application, Google will send an email to the Gmail Account you used for your Organization with prompts on how to enroll for the following via :

  • AdWords
  • YouTube for Nonprofits
  • G-Suite

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 9: 

Click on the Blue Enrol button beneath Google Ad Grants

Step 10:

Create your Nonprofit AdWords Express Account by following the instructions found highlighted in Blue as shown in the screenshot below. Don’t forget to come back to this page once you have completed the steps below so as to complete your Customer ID field

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 11: 

A new browser tab will open, click on the Blue Get Started button to complete your AdWords Express Account setup

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 12: 

Follow the online prompts to set up your AdWords Express Account (see screenshots below)

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 13: 

Create your first AdWords Express Advert by defining a clear Headline 1 & 2 and Description. Place the correct URL from your Nonprofit Website in the advert to ensure that your targeted visitors will land on the correct page directly relating to your Advert

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 14: 

Select a budget for your Advert

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 15: 

Confirm your correct time zone.

Google for Nonprofits South Africa

Step 16: 

Review your Advert settings and confirm that you are happy with the advert layout, message, targeting and budget

Step 17: 

You will then be directed to a page which will read: Nicely done! Your ad will be reviewed within the next 24 hours. Click on the Blue Continue to Dashboard

Special Notes:

  • Your application may take 7 – 14 days to be completed and processed – PLEASE DO NOT repeat the application process multiple times
  • Please read EVERY email Google sends you regarding your Application thoroughly and follow the prompts
  • Blue buttons on Google are the good ones! 😉
  • Please ensure that you have a GMAIL Address for your Organization and DO NOT use your personal GMAIL Address to apply
  • DO NOT insert your Credit /  Debit Card details during the application process, even if prompted. This is a standard feature within Google and you need to follow an email prompt in order to verify that you are infact an NPO which will make the Billing Information Area disappear. 
  • For email support please contact Jeanne, 

5 Replies to “How to apply for the Google for Nonprofits Grant in South Africa”

  1. We are requesting for a funding for our ngo called Sawela Leather Manufacturing Company so that we can build offices and also buy materials

  2. The United Apostolic Faith Church is hereby asking for a grant to build a Church build. The church has suffered since 1999. The church is Non Profit Organization and is helping people who are HIV and vulnerable children. NPO 161-887 .

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