do_action Cape Town

Cape Town Nonprofits: Apply for a FREE WordPress Website!

“do_action is a charity hackathon that uses WordPress to uplift local communities

do_action hackathons are community-organised events that are focused on using WordPress to give deserving charitable organisations their own online presence. Each do_action event includes participants from the local WordPress community coming together to plan and build brand new websites for a number of local organisations in one day.” – Source: do_action Cape Town

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Sage Foundation

Sage Foundation offers donated licenses

Successful nonprofits need more than donations – they need technological solutions to realize their vision.


Sage Foundation has a passion for building opportunities in their communities and enabling social enterprises and nonprofits with software donation programmes. Whether you are just getting started or rapidly growing, Sage offers business solutions to manage your finances and people so you can focus on serving your community and running your organisation.

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Games for Teenagers

#16daysofactivism [TechTip] – Games that help Teenagers understand the risks associated to dating

Since 2008, Jennifer Ann’s Group has sponsored the Life.Love. Game Design Challenge to challenge video game designers and developers to create video games about teen dating violence. Their goal is to increase awareness about teen dating violence as well as provide educational information to help teens, tweens, and young adults identify and avoid abusive relationships.

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Buffer for Nonprofits

How to set up Buffer for your Nonprofit

“Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement and save time on social media.”Buffer

I use Buffer daily. For me, Buffer is the most user friendly Social Media Scheduling Program available.

In this post I will be showing you how to set up and manage a Buffer Account for your Nonprofit.

Step 1. Create a Buffer Account

Visit Buffer and create a new account. You can sign up for free by using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Email Account to log in. The free version of Buffer allows you to host three social media platforms and their NPO Package details can be found here.

Step 2. Link two other social media accounts to your free Buffer Account

Step 3. Set your Timezone

Step 4. Set your scheduling times

Step 5. Measure

Select “Track clicks on my posts” and then “Looks good let’s go!”

Step 6. Enter your Email Address if you used a social media platform to sign up

Step 7. Access and refine your Dashboard

Step 8. Set optimal posting times for your other Social Media Accounts

If you wish to add other Social Media Accounts, click on the “Connect More” Option in the Accounts Dashboard on the left hand side of your screen. Once you have added your Social Media Accounts click on the Account you wish to set a schedule for as it reflects on the left hand dashboard. You will note that once you have clicked on your Social Media Account, your middle dashboard changes and the options available are:


Click on Schedule and then select the times you wish to share your content out.

Buffer Logo

Step 9. Create content and start sharing!

Once your optimal posting times are set up for your accounts via your Dashboard, it’s time to start creating content to schedule. I do this in the form of three ways:

I natively upload links to my Blog Posts with a description in Buffer
To natively add your Blog Links or Images into Buffer, click on the Social Media Platform you wish to share from, click on “Content” and then “Queue” and Buffer will prompt you with “What do you want to share?“. Similar to a Facebook Status update this box allows you to add media, links and text. Once you have written your update click on “Add to Queue” to have Buffer share it out according to your posting schedule set up in steps above, or click on the down arrow to select a specific time you wish to share the update.

One of the reasons why I love Buffer so much is because their time sharing is incredibly accurate, right down to the very minute!

I share other people’s content (OPC) found on the Internet via my Buffer Chrome Extension and my Mobile App
I use Chrome for my Internet doings and downloaded the Buffer Extension. When browsing the Internet, I simply click on the Buffer Icon in my Chrome Toolbar and it automatically adds the Website I am viewing to my Buffer Account and prompts me to select the accounts I wish to share it to along with my own text write up. On mobile, I downloaded the Buffer App from Play Store and logged into my Account. While browsing I simply select “share” and then select Buffer to add it to my posting queue. Couldn’t be easier!

I create graphics via Pablo directly within Buffer
This has to be one of my favourite features of Buffer! The ability to create Graphics directly within the app and then schedule them to post without having to download and upload images!

Buffer for Nonprofits

Pablo allows you to edit your Graphics in multiple ways. You can upload your own Graphics or search over 600,000 free images to use! Added to that, Pablo let’s you add your own text or allows you to access their library of quotes for those days when your inspiration is running low. Add filters like Light Contrast or watermark your Graphic with your Logo. For free.

Once you have created your image, simply click on the Blue Button at the bottom of your screen titled “Share & Download” and then select “Buffer your Image“.

You will note that the text you used on your Image has pulled through to your “Message for your Social Media Platform“. Pretty nifty hey! From here, simply add in any extra text or URLS you wish to accompany your Image and then click on Add to Queue.

By using the down arrow instead, you can select a time to publish that doesn’t reflect on your Queue Scheduler.

Happy Buffering!

Android Apps

Smart Android Apps to help manage your Nonprofit Social Media Marketing

Those that know me really well know that I LOVE my Smartphone and manage most of my Social Media Marketing / Networking from it. Apart from it having a two day battery life and an impressive in house video editor, I have found really smart apps to compliment my every Social Networking need:

To download an app from the list below, click on the title and you will be redirected to the Google Play Store.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the foundation of my Editorial Calander and general sanity to be honest 😉 I have 6 different Calendars running and each one is linked to separate services like WordPress and IFTTT. Each morning I have a set of reminders that go off to help me monitor scheduled posts, ads and so on. The most powerful reminders from my Calendar has to be my Twitter Chat Schedule reminders and Social Media Days i.e My alarm goes off each day that says something like: “It’s International Puppy Day! You have posts scheduled but don’t forget to Tweet a few times!”


You all know that I am in love with Buffer and can honestly say that their mobile app is by far the best Social Media Scheduling app on the market.


OPC (Other People’s Content) is an important part of my Social Media Strategy and the Feedly app allows me subscribe to publications effortlessly on the go. I further optimize this app by sharing content directly to my Buffer app for scheduling.


I used to use Evernote predominantly for my Hashtag library (I created notes according to Hashtag Category that housed 30 tags at a time to easily copy and paste) as well as for my travelling Blogs by capturing notes, videos and voice files whilst on site.


I have tried almost every Camera App available in the Play Store. Camera360 has the most filters and works like a dream!


I’m sure that you have already heard of WordSwag? If not, do yourself a favour and check it out! Adding text to images is easy peasy and oh so pretty!

Vocabulary Builder

Just do it, your Blog will thank you for it!


Photo Editing like a pro!


Need to create a quick photo collage that doesn’t leave a watermark? Layout is you best choice.


With a team spread across South Africa, Hangouts is our preffered communication tool. With the app I simply plug my earphones in and chat away on the go.


Monitoring your Google Analytics Account is important and this app allows you to do it in a few clicks!

Smart Android Apps to help manage your Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Click To Tweet URL Shortener

My preferred URL Shortener


Blog inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient times like when your Laptop is on the other side of town. Listnote allows me to record my inspiration ‘sparks’ and have them transcribed to text which I then email to myself. When in front of my Laptop I simply open the emails and start editing further!

Google My Business

You have a Google My Business listing right? This app allows you to access Insights for your listings in a matter of seconds.

Pages App

Sometimes, the Facebook mobile app can be glitchy when trying to post / share to a Fan Page. Pages App always comes to the rescue and allows you to access your Insights panel quickly!


StumbleUpon does wonders for website traffic when you know how to use it correctly. I try and Stumble as often as I can during the day while out and about, as it helps to boost my own stumbling links when I add them.

Do you have a favourite app that is not listed here? Let me know so that I can give it a try 🙂

How to register a domain for your Nonprofit

How To Register A Domain For Your Nonprofit

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link which means that we will receive a small percentage if you make a purchase by following the link.

Special notes about Domain Registrations: 

Keep in mind that there are two types of payments associated with Domain registrations:

  • Annual Domain payment – think of this as the payment that needs to be made in order to keep your branded www name
  • Hosting payment – this payment is usually made by Nonprofits on a monthly basis but a discounted annual rate can be selected too.
Step One

Registering a Domain

Step Two
  • If your preferred domain name is available, click “Add to Cart”.

Registering a Domain

Step Three
  • The next page that loads will prompt you to add a monthly (annual payments can be arranged later on) hosting package to your Domain Configuration.
  • Click on the highlighted red “No Hosting! Click to Add”.

Registering a Domain

Step Four 
  • Select a monthly hosting package that caters to your needs. I find that most South African Nonprofits begin on the R45 per month hosting package and very rarely need to upgrade.
  • Click the green “Order Now” button on the monthly package of choice.

Registering a Domain4

Step Five
  • The next page that loads will prompt you to attach your monthly hosting package to a domain. Make sure your Nonprofit domain name from Step One reflects and then click on the blue “Use” button.

Registering a Domain

Step Six
  • Select Continue

Registering a Domain

Step Seven 
  • Select Checkout

Registering a Domain

Step Eight
  • Create an account for your domain ownership on the Checkout page by using your Nonprofit details (don’t register the domain in your personal capacity as the Organisation ownership needs to be clearly reflected) and contact email address. SPECIAL NOTE: Write down your password and keep it filed for safe keeping.

Registering a Domain

Step Nine
  • Select “EFT Bank Transfer”.
  • Accept the T&C’s.
  • Select “Complete Order”
  • You will receive an invoice via email from Register Domain SA. Once payment has been made, your domain dashboard will be ready to use to upload a WordPress Site to.

Registering a Domain

Top Fundraising Blogs

Top Fundraising Blogs To Subscribe To

Nonprofits constantly seek resources and tips on effective fundraising techniques and often overlook Blogs as a source of frequent, practical and trusted content.

Usually, these Blogs are updated three times a week (minimum) with current and relevant Fundraising guidelines, and as a reader, you have the option of subscribing to them so as to receive email notifications of new posts.

Top Fundraising Blogs To Subscribe To

South African Blogs:

Ricardo is well known in the South African NPO sector for his tips and advice on legal governance.

Inyathelo’s mission is to help build a strong, stable civil society in South Africa by contributing to the development of sustainable organisations and institutions.

Although not a Blog, Frank’s website is packed with informative links and resources for the South African Fundraiser.

This Blog is headed by Jill Ritchie and she has helped raise over R2billion in the NPO Sector with her techniques.

Although The South African Fundraising Leadership Academy does not post regular Blog Posts, they do host various events in South Africa aimed at helping Nonprofits increase their Fundraising and house a Resource Centre on their website which you can follow.

International Blogs:

PND is a daily news service of the Foundation Centre and curates philanthropy focused articles from print and electronic sources.

The Achieve Academy is a full-service research and marketing agency for Causes.

The Selfish Giving Blog is run by Joe Waters and he helps Nonprofits raise money with win-win partnerships.

Mango UK helps NGOs do more with their money and post various fundraising related topics on their Blog and via their Newsletter.

Sandy is a vibrant Encouragement Officer and Professional Do-Gooder with a deep pool of Fundraising knowledge.

Board Source inspire and support excellence in Nonprofit Governance and are one of my favourite Blogs to read.

As a leading volunteer software provider, Volunteer Hub provides weekly tips and resources on their Blog for Fundraisers.

Discover the latest in fundraising, advocacy, and Nonprofit marketing practices with the Salsa Blog.

If you are wanting to stay updated with current Technology resources and grant opportunities, TechSoup Global is your one-stop-shop.

As an innovative technology platform that allows Nonprofits to fully manage their fundraising campaigns, Gesture posts regular Fundraising guidelines on their Blog.

“We believe that great ideas and strong institutions can promote a better world. Explore data and stories from our grantees.”

Wild Apricot is a Membership Management service and their Blog is packed with fundraising tips.

If you are looking for a feel good story to share on your Social Media Accounts, this is the Blog to follow! Find inspiration from their featured stories to incorporate in your own Nonprofit.

A Blog that focuses on sharing tips and resources for the volunteering sector.

Do you follow a Fundraising Blog that should be mentioned here? Leave the link in the comments and I’ll give them a visit.

Special Mention to the South African NPO Network Facebook Group members that helped me research for this post.

Google Analytics and Nonprofits

Google Analytics and your Nonprofit

Usually, one of the top questions that we are asked during the Google NPO Academies is “Why should we use Google Analytics?”

  • It’s Free

No need to elaborate on this. Everybody loves a freebie!

  • It’s Not As Scary As You Think

Analytics to me – a non-numeric brain – usually means run for the hills screaming. But fear not! Simply replace the word Analytics with Comprehensive. In doing so, you will realize that Google does more than just deliver a whole bunch of random statistical figures. It really breaks down your website traffic into easy-to-digest reports. Yes, you will have to spend some time navigating the Dashboard before you truly do get into it’s groove, but trust me, once you have, it’s so worth it!

Easy-to-digest report examples:

    • Which Social Media Platform drives the most traffic to your site
    • Which Google AdWords Campaign is most effective
    • How long does your Audience actually spend on your website?

By studying these reports and others, you are able to accurately measure your current marketing efforts so as to improve on them for the future.

  • There Is An App For That!

The Google Analytics App allows you to pull your website stats on the go and is perfect for those stakeholder meetings when you are questioned on the spot!

  • It’s A Google Product

Now to me this is pretty self explanatory. Google owns Google Search and Google Search is where the ‘cool kids’ hang out, right ? As a website owner, one of your main goals is to have your website rank on the first page of a Google Search. Why then would you not use a Google product in order to understand how to achieve a first page ranking?

Happy Googling!